Super Double Comixplosion!

ONE: Interesting Times Friday Mailbag: “HI, BILLY MAYS HERE TO HAUNT YOUR DREAMS”

TWO: I hope at least one person agrees with me, because if not I’ll just come off as super insecure

As a rule I don’t write out lengthy news posts like other comics, but I just wanted to make a feeble excuse for missing Friday’s update and remind y’all that you can send questions to journalcomic at gmail dot com. I’m getting a little more spam these days, which in my convoluted reasoning means that even the spambots are reading this page now and therefore readership in general is up. Thanks all!

p.s.: I didn’t write out the feeble excuse because it is seriously pretty sad. Hardly worth mentioning, really. Let’s all just move on?

Interesting Times Friday Mailbag: "Doin’ It For Marks"

Please send in your questions to
journalcomic at gmail dot com
and maybe you will get to see your question answered
in a Friday Mailbag!
Alternately, you may see them in a “Friday” Mailbag,
which happens when I forget or am otherwise preoccupied on a Friday
and write it on Saturday instead!
How Exciting

[BEGIN COMMENTARY] I am going to toot my own horn and say that yes, I am pretty good at writing essays. “But wait,” you cry, “I’ve seen all your report cards and you never really do better than like a B average in English classes. How can you claim to be good?” Well, the B was attained with no great effort on my part, and I get good grades on essays I’ve banged out the night before. So I always said to myself, just think what you could achieve with only a little more effort! But rather than put in that effort, I remained satisfied with knowing that I could if I wanted to. [June 12, 2012]