Interesting Times

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I have a tumblr you might enjoy. Also, I recently made a super short RPG for the site's 8th birthday.





Looking back, I realize that they didn’t even get upset at the border. Just wordlessly let me through



A common superstition about warts is that, when removed, they must be buried at a crossroads so they will not easily find their way back to you



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Work No Longer In Progress

Before you ask, it is unlikely that you may read it

Before you ask, it is unlikely that you may read it

NaNoWriMo 2014 Week 1




It’s going okay! I have to admit that I have felt my energy flagging once this week already, and was considering just bailing and going back to fun stuff. It’s not that I hate my story; so far that’s actually going alright, but the work of writing had gotten irritating. I talked to Lori about it and she said “Well, isn’t that what this month is all about? If you found writing a novel really fun you would have done it already.” She’s so wise. (Later she threatened me and said I had to finish it because she was hooked and needed to know how it ended, so.)

For The Cosplayers


If your intention was to cosplay as the author of the comics your outfit got a lot less complicated – nerdy t-shirt, neutral-colored hoodie, good pair of jeans. Beard & glasses. Be self-deprecating in a way that’s charming, but often secretly based on real insecurities and a shaky self-image.



Of course I am hoping to get some greeting card company’s attention so I can parlay my skills into a lucrative designer job. “Still Sporty At Forty”, see there, that’s one I just came up with. I am full of these


Well, I Tried

And so, Nathan was the Weird Neighbour after all. The end.

OH before I forget! Announcement! I am planning to take a serious stab at National Novel Writing Month in November, which means I am planning to take a hiatus from the comic during that time. I need the comic writing time to be Novel Writing Time! And I will be honest, anything that results of this month of writing will probably be terrible so it is unlikely that I will share it.

If the comics resume before the month is through, you may assume that I have failed at novels :(

That is all.

Classic Misunderstanding


DID YOU KNOW: the groom actually gave me this joke himself, months ago