Interesting Times

is a journal comic by Nathan Fehr and is updated Monday through Thursday nights. The "Personal Favorites" category highlights some of what I think is my best work, but you're free to dig in however you please.

Look At This!

I still have a few books left for sale! They're $25 of your human dollars plus shipping, unless you're local and we can just meet up! Email me to request a copy! Also, I still have a tumblr you might enjoy.



Japan 2015, Day 3


Japan 2015, Day 2


Japan 2015, Day 1


Japan 2015, Day 0


I left my usual comicsmithing tools at home so this is what you get for the next two weeks, lol




I want to help but my musical knowledge does not extend to your imagination, try to understand


Should Be Fun


I need to do a little more research on what matters to teens. The website Tumblr says it’s things like ‘1D’, ‘PewDiePie’ and ‘shipping’. What even are those things


You talkin’ to me


Part of me is embarrassed to admit I’m anything other than excited to be leaving in a week but this site is supposed to be a journal, so it might as well be one from time to time


Synergize! Leverage! Diversify!


Be mindful that it’s Tallpines Lodge, NOT Tallpine Lodges which is the couples-only place. Nobody wants a repeat of last year’s awkwardness


The Sadness


My wife, and my mom, and my wife’s mom enjoy video games and are awesome people. How can I be down with a movement that hates them?




Why is it so difficult to accept that certain experiences might just be…okay?