Interesting Times

is a journal comic by Nathan Fehr and is updated Monday through Thursday nights. The "Personal Favorites" category highlights some of what I think is my best work, but you're free to dig in however you please.


I have a tumblr you might enjoy. Also, I recently made a super short RPG for the site's 8th birthday.



Weekend Update


This took place at our house and the 3DS was nearby, I don’t carry it around for Show & Tell. Just so you know

Half Price Crisis


Further down the page, in bold letters — WHY PAY MORE? ‘I don’t know,’ I sobbed quietly. ‘I -don’t know-‘

I Kept My Promise

There’s not even anybody out there, she was just so excited to try her Evita

Neighbourhoodland Security

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not awaiting coded instructions from you



The shelter was admittedly quite rough, mostly because I couldn’t Google instructions for a better one and I’m not about to Bing anything.

For The Greater Good


Also, what was with those shirts that had Looney Tunes characters being all edgy and questionably dressed?



When the first one went up the newspapers reported that it was “probably” for generating electricity and that the public should “mind their own beeswax”

Not Anymore


I’m seeing if my moustache needs trimming in panel 2, in case you were wondering. But I thought it would be too jarring to draw my facial hair without context.

Try For Yourself


Turns out the dog already has a fraternity going (Alpha Yorkie Sigma) but I’ve heard new pledges have to do embarrassing and possibly illegal things in other people’s yards, so it may not be for me

Here You Go


I was going to have you declare that the Star Trek Voyager episode “Threshold” should be considered canon, but then I thought whoa, too far