Interesting Times

is a journal comic by Nathan Fehr and is updated Monday through Thursday nights. The "Personal Favorites" category highlights some of what I think is my best work, but you're free to dig in however you please.


I have a tumblr you might enjoy. Also, I recently made a super short RPG for the site's 8th birthday.



Not Anymore


I’m seeing if my moustache needs trimming in panel 2, in case you were wondering. But I thought it would be too jarring to draw my facial hair without context.

Try For Yourself


Turns out the dog already has a fraternity going (Alpha Yorkie Sigma) but I’ve heard new pledges have to do embarrassing and possibly illegal things in other people’s yards, so it may not be for me

Here You Go


I was going to have you declare that the Star Trek Voyager episode “Threshold” should be considered canon, but then I thought whoa, too far

Under Construction






Look closely — panel one’s artwork goes…counter-clockwise! Yup, totally planned that, uh-huh

Reality Check


Actually the Wikipedia says that current research is pretty down on the idea of a mid-life crisis, but in any case I just want you to confront the idea that you might be deluding yourself for some reason


He might read this and want me to take it down, but first he’ll have to best me at Monster Truck Madness

In Progress



I was working on a new banner (based on Detective Comics #27) and then we went to go watch “Frozen” in the park. I had never seen it. It’s good! Okay ttyl

Alternative Studies


Before you come to me for hunting advice you should know that, even in this context, I was still a pretty bad student

Wouldn’t You Like To Get Away

In theory there shouldn’t have been more than 36 toasts, assuming none of them group-toasted for some reason. And yet it felt like the toasting went on for AGES