Interesting Times

is a journal comic by Nathan Fehr and is updated Monday through Thursday nights. The "Personal Favorites" category highlights some of what I think is my best work, but you're free to dig in however you please.


I have a tumblr you might enjoy. Also, I recently made a super short RPG for the site's 8th birthday.




He might read this and want me to take it down, but first he’ll have to best me at Monster Truck Madness

In Progress



I was working on a new banner (based on Detective Comics #27) and then we went to go watch “Frozen” in the park. I had never seen it. It’s good! Okay ttyl

Alternative Studies


Before you come to me for hunting advice you should know that, even in this context, I was still a pretty bad student

Wouldn’t You Like To Get Away

In theory there shouldn’t have been more than 36 toasts, assuming none of them group-toasted for some reason. And yet it felt like the toasting went on for AGES


As far as I know you can’t make your own bitcoins without having a 3.5″ disk drive kicking around the house

It’s All Good


I tried to call them stickmen but Lori and I got into a BIG FIGHT about whether a gender-neutral pronoun was more appropriate. HUGE FIGHT


So far this city’s administration has completely failed to address my inexplicable sadness!

What Do You Do

There’s all kinds of reasons why you’d want them to be distracted. Maybe you are reading ahead or checking a rule. Maybe you are sick of their ridiculous questions.


Kids are neat and all but I am what you might call ‘not ready’. Or, more accurately, ‘super not ready’.

Off To Fight

Not pictured: the smooching before I left, knowing each smooch may be our last smooch