Interesting Times

is a journal comic by Nathan Fehr and is updated Monday through Thursday nights. The "Personal Favorites" category highlights some of what I think is my best work, but you're free to dig in however you please.


I have a tumblr you might enjoy. Also, I recently made a super short RPG for the site's 8th birthday.



Well, I Tried

And so, Nathan was the Weird Neighbour after all. The end.

OH before I forget! Announcement! I am planning to take a serious stab at National Novel Writing Month in November, which means I am planning to take a hiatus from the comic during that time. I need the comic writing time to be Novel Writing Time! And I will be honest, anything that results of this month of writing will probably be terrible so it is unlikely that I will share it.

If the comics resume before the month is through, you may assume that I have failed at novels :(

That is all.

Classic Misunderstanding


DID YOU KNOW: the groom actually gave me this joke himself, months ago



Contains only proteins from grass-fed, ethically-grown, free range chickens that spoke several languages fluently and carried themselves with dignity until the moment of their death

Close Enough


I remember being impressed that such a diverse group could dance together so well!



‘Submariner’ is not a euphemism, it is apparently his job to help drive submarines around. For…reasons??

A Day Ruined


The guy at that sporting goods store totally lied to us!



Often the only thing you can really say to these days is “of course”



Disclaimer: The above comic is not intended as an actual announcement of any kind.



Nobody told ME we were all getting into politics, now they all have cool signs and I don’t grumble grumble

Charting Progress


I’m still surprised he held still long enough for me to write legibly