I understand the need for privacy of course, but I also have a need for Juicy Details. You see my problem

[Begin Commentary] Here is how dedicated she is: She was on shift when my brother and sister-in-law were in the hospital to have their first baby. When she came home that morning she asked casually if I’d heard of any news in my family, to which I said no, because at that point I hadn’t even heard they were in the hospital. So she went to sleep and I thought nothing of it. [July 23rd, 2015]

I Knew It

One more confirmation that certain movies are secretly documentaries. See also: Back to the Future parts II and III

[Begin Commentary] Since allowing word balloons in the comic you can see them go through a few stages; first, totally rounded like regular comics. But it turned out those were hard to draw well, and took up a lot of space (at least the way I was doing them). So in this comic I started trying rectangles, but after some time of this I really felt like they don’t fit the rounded, bendy aesthetic of the rest of my style.

By now I’ve more or less settled on “flat tops/bottoms & rounded sides” as my go-to style; they’re easy to draw and work around, but not so severe as totally rectangular ones. [July 23rd, 2015]


How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand? Because that might be the key to bringing it down
How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand? Because that might be the key to bringing it down

[Begin Commentary] Some references for everybody here! Of course the last panel is a shout-out to the Sound of Music, and the guy saying it is based on Gendo Ikari from the bizarre 90’s anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. Did I forget anything? [July 23rd, 2015]


[Begin Commentary] In this comic and the next one I’m on a trip, and that typically means that I use my Travel Wacom for drawing, which is actually the one I used to use every day. It’s smaller than my usual and thus a bit easier to pack.

However, there’s one odd side effect; the circles in my travel comics are subtly wider, because the surface of the tablet is smoother and my drawing instincts aren’t used to the lack of resistance anymore. The pen moves too easily! I have to make a concerted effort to ‘rein my hand in’ in order to make shapes that aren’t too fat.

Here, I obviously didn’t try very hard. [July 23, 2015]


PANEL 3 NOTE - Dramatization. Do not attempt. Professional divers in enclosed area.

The last panel is true, except we weren’t underwater. A friend of ours brought her boyfriend over to meet us, and we played Epic Spell Wars together while he told us diving stories because he is a for real Divemaster. Before that evening I hadn’t even known that was a designation one could earn. [May 13th, 2015]