5 thoughts on “don’t get me started on blinking

  1. While I wouldn’t know what the self-monitored heartbeat paranoia is like, I must admit I’ve had the same thought when I think about my own breathing. You just do it naturally until you think about it, then you can’t get it off your mind… like thinking about walking too much and stumbling.

  2. The thing that really gets me is when you finally find a comfortable way to put your head on a pillow and you are just nodding off to sleep and then you realise you can hear the blood running through a vein in your ear!
    The breathing thing is annoying too… oh and blinking… oh and swallowing… yawning… fighting of bacteria… ye know thinking about it all the ‘involuntary’ stuff is kinda creepy. I mean, who’s REALLY driving this thing anyway? }:0o

  3. sometimes i try to stop the blood from comming though bloodveins near my ears for the exact same reason too. WHO INVITED IT!!!!!!!?

  4. I TOTALLY have the same thing. I get super anxious when I am aware of my heart beating. I had surgery once and they put me on morphine and that slows your heart down and it SUCKED! I was like ‘don’t ever do that to me again!’ Good thing I was already in the hospital 😛

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