The Wrath of Gideon


  • Nick J., who would have brought the copy of “Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos” for the NES that I left in his car a decade ago. (This actually happened.) He also told me he was holding the game “ransom” now in exchange for one of the gift bags.
  • Sam C., who kept it admirably simple: “My A game, also nachos.” Nachos are delicious and everyone admires confidence!
  • Nick D., who wrote an epic tale about how he would actually turn out to be Dracula and would battle Simon Belmont at my party in front of everyone, including “transformation into a bat creature”. As he explained in the end, he would have “brought it” in the fight.

Nick and I have already made the exchange, and I’ll be mailing things to the others shortly! Oh, and honorable mention goes to Joel and Tenley P., who would have brought, between the two of them:

  1. A stray Bulgarian dog.
  2. “Blackthorne” for the Super Nintendo.
  3. A copy of the movie “Tremors” (and he didn’t specify but almost definitely taped off of cable)

Thanks again to everyone who entered!

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