3 thoughts on “Mr. Nathan’s Opus

  1. It’s a very poignant tune.

    The lengthy opening note creates a tonal focus on “E” and instills a sense of stagnancy on the listener.

    An extremely short neighbor tone “F” can represent bravery; meaningful, yet short-lived.

    This piece poses the questions: is courage fleeting? Is a sense of bravery only meaningful in the moment? If we only return to our normal state of cowardice (or the lack of bravery), can we only see this short burst of bravery in a bittersweet nostalgia?

    Surely, this is one of the most important pieces of our generation, if not of all time.

    10/10 Would listen to again.

    1. This…this is the best, right here. I read it out loud to my wife and we reflected quietly on what it all meant, tears glistening in our eyes.
      Also I totally remember the train dealio.

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