Hourly Comics Day 2016, Part 2


Hourly Comics continue! Sorry about yesterday’s image quality — we’ve fired the guy that scanned those.






One thought on “Hourly Comics Day 2016, Part 2

  1. Hey, Nathan, you should do hourly comics everyday….I like hearing about your day. It’s almost as good as listening in on a party line to see what your neighbours are up to WAYYYYYYY back in the day, I was growing up. At least this is what I heard….that people did it in those days……it wasn’t me, of course. In fact, I am so ancient, I well remember our family not evenen having a telephone. In fact, our neighbour, across the street, who owned the village coffee shop/candy store was so ‘progressive’ he had a phone before anyone else in the village had one. It was he, who came knocking on our door one New Years Eve in 1959, to tell Dad and us kids, that he got a phone call from the Winkler Hospital, whether he could let my dad and us kids know that our mom had a baby girl. I guess, Lori will know that times have changed in the Maternity ward since then. How times, have changed! But of course I am ancient but I know how to stay young…..I may be 61 but if turn myself around quickly, I should only be 16! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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