didn’t want one that badly anyway

what’s funny about this comic — not like, Ha Ha funny, just Odd funny — is that after all the references I made to the Wii I never actually wrote a comic about the time I finally got one. I wrote one for getting a big old Xbox, but one of my single most anticipated purchases went totally unmentioned. I can’t account for that, really. It’s just one of the many examples of the way in which I am kind of terrible at keeping an honest journal, ironic given that this is supposed to be a Journal Comic. [May 22, 2011]

I wasn’t actually about to buy "Breakin’" today

First of all yes, the date on this comic is wrong-o and it’s definitely not the only time I slip up on that.

For some reason I can actually remember that the movie I nearly bought was “The Sting”, with Paul Newman and Robert Redford. I had never seen it but heard good things, and this was some Amazing Ultimate Anniversary thing (as they all seem to be). And it was cheap and I had it in my hands but then I saw it was full-frame, and I thought “WHY WOULD YOU EVEN PUBLISH THE AMAZING ULTIMATE ANNIVERSARY THING IN FULL FRAME.” Who clamored for that, is what I’m wondering. [May 21, 2011]

all I wanted to know was the version number

This comic marks the first appearance of tiny, circular eyes. I have an impolite name for that style of eye but suffice it to say that they are almost always reserved for jerks or idiots. Something about them suggests a certain…simple-mindedness. I’m not sure how I settled on that idea but I have been drawing stick-people for years before the comic started.

Since we’re talking about this comic, I’ll also add that the Wal-Mart sales guy looks like a character from the old cartoon “Stickin’ Around”. [April 25, 2011]