Interesting Times Turns Nine!

Today is the ninth anniversary of my site! To celebrate, I’ve found and uploaded a graphic novel that I wrote when I was very young. Go read it here!

Nine years. A lot of ups (got married!) and downs (tried to be a teacher!) have happened in that time, not to mention the opportunities that have happened because of the site (got to sell a book at a comic con!) Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for finding my pictures and writing amusing, and for making my site a part of your day.

(oh yes, on an administrative note: you’ve noticed by now that the site theme has changed again. I like this one, but I do still need to iron out a few things here and there.)


There may not be a comic tonight, but here’s a strange photo of a colorful thing on my desk! (plus cat)

Helpful Cat Helps With Dramatic Shadows And Stuff
Helpful Cat Helps With Dramatic Shadows And Stuff

Perhaps I will tell you more…on Saturday!


There isn’t a comic tonight because I tried (unsuccessfully (again)) to write about my love for the Cyberpunk genre. On a related note, I need to start a Word document and get this all out of my head because as I briefly mentioned in the alt-text for this comic I have lately been finding myself in this unproductive, brooding, nostalgic-yet-sad thought loop when I sit down to write. Not a great headspace to be in for funny stick people!

Anyway we’ll try again tomorrow!