The End.

Super special thanks to Lori, my focus group, number 1 fan, and secret star of the comic <3
Super special thanks to Lori, my focus group, number 1 fan, and secret star of the comic <3

Hello, readers! Let’s rip this band-aid off quickly: As of today, I’ll no longer be writing Interesting Times. Thank you so much for your wonderful support over the past eleven years. I say it every year and I mean it every year.Ā I’ve often been amazed and humbled by the response these comics have garnered, and because of my silly internet drawings I’ve made new friends and had opportunities I could never have imagined. You’re all cool and smart and everybody thinks you look great!

The site will stay up for as long as I can afford it (and it’s cheap, so no worries) and Volume 2 of the book will still happen!

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Sorry! Got a little too wrapped up in workin’ on a thing for my 10-year site anniversary (yikes!). Ran out of comic time tonight!

Sorry, updates are sporadic this week because I’m preparing for a Big Gig on Friday! [But Nathan, you knew about this for months! Shouldn’t you be ready?] Yes, but, video games.

Interesting Times Turns Nine!

Today is the ninth anniversary of my site!Ā To celebrate, I’ve found and uploadedĀ a graphic novel that I wrote when I was very young. Go readĀ it here!

Nine years.Ā A lot of ups (got married!) and downs (tried to be a teacher!) have happened in that time, not to mentionĀ the opportunities that have happenedĀ because of the site (got to sell a book at a comic con!) Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for finding my pictures and writing amusing, and for making my site a part of your day.

(oh yes, on an administrative note: you’ve noticed by now that the site theme has changed again. I like this one, but I do still need to iron out a few things here and there.)