"Look Mom, LOOK! I made something on the internet!"

Today’s guest comic appears courtesy the enigmatic “EK R”.
He also included what he termed “major Google fodder” with his e-mail,
which I have decided to share with you all.

There is a guest comic today because I am more than a hundred kilometres away
from my tablet. But fear not! Tomorrow through the end of the week
should see me back at the wheel.

BEGIN COMMENTARY: I honestly never knew who EK R really was, and his work is almost as baffling now as it was then. That…that’s all. [March 24, 2012]

3 thoughts on “"Look Mom, LOOK! I made something on the internet!"

  1. Hello *InterestingTimesAuthor*,

    I wanted to say thank you for posting my *2-minute-fanart*. While it was not funny: it told a true story; much like your comics. Seriously, I drew a blank and just typed like an idiot. It?s was just throwing my head into the gutter. Anyway, I have included a list of clean, free, useful applications, just because I love to teach.

    The email I sent.

    To XZzzy: Just ignore the last two panels to get the point. Thanks for reading

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