Five Hundredth Comic Spectacular

500 Comics for Free I have done.
And all I ask in return is that you have a rockin’ Friday,
and maybe crack open a beverage of your choosing
in honor of the occasion.

If you have the song “Thriller” by Michael Jackson on hand,
now would be an appropriate time to play it.

5 thoughts on “Five Hundredth Comic Spectacular

  1. ahaha, the slight chuckle from the race car driver before extreme injury: priceless.

    And as for the quality of upcoming comics, you raised an interest point in your previous comic, which is the question of quality vs. quantity. CLEARLY you are going for quantity here, so don’t worry about it! 🙂

  2. I know you were probably out all night celebrating your 500th, as you should have been, but that is still no excuse for not having a comic on Friday.


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