A Note

Hello, yes! I am not “well” but no longer as sick as I was! Therefore I am able to resume being the intermittently amusing ambulatory hairpile that you have all come to love! The sickness has kind of scaled itself back to just being a rather nasty cold, but so far this week it still likes to taunt me and manifest its true form in little pieces. A bit of dizziness here, some head-ache there, what have you. ANYWAY the point is that from right now until oh, I don’t know, say June — if there are any comics you don’t like, I’d blame the sickness for hampering my normally very high-quality output.

(Comics from before this point that you do not appreciate are simply ones you don’t understand fully. I suggest you print them off and study them intently, for hours if necessary.)

TO CONCLUDE I thank all friends and well-wishers who can now safely continue to read Interesting Times! And, I curse aloud the name and family of whoever cast this dreadful virus on me in the first place!!

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