Interesting Times 4th Birthday Belate-o-splosion!

It’s finally here, performing for you! It’s a little late (the actual site birthday is, as you know, June the 6th) since I was out of the country BUT I am finally ready to officially unveil the 4th Season Birthday Surprise,

A year ago my friends and I got together and made the intro to the unaired Interesting Times television sitcom. “Unaired” because **spoiler alert** it was never a real show in the first place. One of the most common bits of feedback we got was that people wanted to see a whole episode. I brushed it off because that’s a lot of work and because I was afraid that the concept would be much better than the execution.

But round-about February my friends actually got on board with the idea, and then they convinced ME, and wouldn’t you know it over the next few months the crazy thing got done.

Today’s special thing is therefore one entire episode of Interesting Times the series, starring me and my pals and with original music and a studio audience and special effects and everything. I am proud to say that we all worked really hard on putting this show together and I hope you enjoy it very much. Watch it below!

Interesting Times s01e07 – “Creativity Issues” from Nathan Fehr on Vimeo.

(This isn’t the end, oh no! In the coming weeks I plan to release a special edition package for download, including a commentary track, scans of the original artwork, music and perhaps more?? Stay tuned for details)

As always and with all sincerity I want to thank you, the readers, for helping make all this possible. This is all so much more fun when people interact with the site in the kind and witty and surprising ways that you do. Here’s to Season 5, belatedly kicking off tomorrow!

11 thoughts on “Interesting Times 4th Birthday Belate-o-splosion!

  1. Well tommers, we would have been able to make it much better except for one of the actors was being difficult. Something about his wife being past due or something, just selfish if you ask me.

  2. Viktor, do you know how hard it is to assemble a studio audience. Very hard, we ended up making robots to sound like humans and tried to make them laugh at the appropriate times but in the end it just sounded like a last minute laugh track thrown together.
    Sorry about your ears. My bad.

  3. So funny! Love the enthusiastic response to Matt’s first entrance, and the ‘really wanted to be in it’ credit.. and lots of other stuff too. Well done

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