I mean, it was cool, but…where’s the drama?

I marked this comic as personal favorite because I dig the art, man. And, though it may be a reach and somewhat pretentious to say it, there’s a teeny, tiny bit of Jhonen Vasquez influence on the guy in panel one.

I don’t know where it is now, but there was a comic I read years ago where he drew himself heading out to a convenience store and confronting the devil, and the pose he strikes when he busts through the door is one I tried to recreate for a long time. It’s not like this pose, exactly, but…ah, nevermind. [August 17, 2007]

5 thoughts on “I mean, it was cool, but…where’s the drama?

  1. this reminds me of the movie hackers, only because of the first panel. And then I remember how I never saw the movie, and only ever wanted to because Angelina Jolie does a topless scene in there…but thats what the internet is for. Using programs to Hack into porn sites right Nathan.

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