[August 12th, 2014] Panel 2 is an homage to The Simpsons S6E05, “Sideshow Bob Roberts”. (I’m not a big enough nerd to know that offhand; I had to look it up). Transcription from the SNPP:

Barlow: Monty, I'm way ahead of you.  If you'll just open that door
         you'll see the next mayor of Springfield.
          [door opens to reveal a water cooler; everyone applauds]
          [the cooler bubbles]
Senator: What'd it say?

2 thoughts on “Promotions

  1. olives NOTHIN’!!! He threw a CROUTON at me!! And all I was doing was calling home to tell my dear ol’ dad that i had to work overtime and wouldn’t be there for his birthday supper!!
    (mind you, crouton bruises can be pretty nasty…)

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