The End.

Super special thanks to Lori, my focus group, number 1 fan, and secret star of the comic <3
Super special thanks to Lori, my focus group, number 1 fan, and secret star of the comic <3

Hello, readers! Let’s rip this band-aid off quickly: As of today, I’ll no longer be writing Interesting Times. Thank you so much for your wonderful support over the past eleven years. I say it every year and I mean it every year. I’ve often been amazed and humbled by the response these comics have garnered, and because of my silly internet drawings I’ve made new friends and had opportunities I could never have imagined. You’re all cool and smart and everybody thinks you look great!

The site will stay up for as long as I can afford it (and it’s cheap, so no worries) and Volume 2 of the book will still happen!

Read further for some explanation…

This year has brought some pretty significant life changes, and as a result my posting schedule has become pretty irregular. I’ve still been enjoying the end result of what I’ve produced, and life continues to be full of stories to tell and observations to make. The problem was in sitting down to actually do comics. Over and over I found myself procrastinating heavily, even on days when I knew exactly what I wanted to do. (I’m a natural procrastinator, but this was much worse than usual). Then, when I did finally convince myself to start drawing, I noticed one day I was silently resenting the time spent on it.

It turns out: having a baby around means you can’t just do whatever you want all the time??? (Who knew?) My priorities had changed, and I realized that time spent thinking about & writing comics was time I wanted to use on self-care and of course my relationship with Lori. The comic had become an obligation, and my marriage and mental / physical health are pretty compelling reasons to step away from it.

Now I’m not throwing my tablet in the garbage, and it’s unlikely I won’t do a creative thing again in the future, because I like being creative! But given my current circumstances, I don’t know what that looks like, and I don’t want to lead folks on and say “oh yeah, hiatus, but I’ll be back for sure.”

In any case, if you want to follow what I’m currently up to outside of comics, there’s a few good ways:

  • Sunday Night in Canada, the weekly podcast that I host with my friend Andrew
  • tumblr, which is mostly dog memes and sci-fi stuff
  • Twitter, which I have to figure out what it’s for, now
  • Instagram, which is good fun and I kind of wish I’d discovered sooner


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  1. I’m so proud of you, Nathan. First of all, for what you’ve accomplished by telling your stories. You’ve made us laugh and you’ve made us think. But I’m also happy to see you know when it’s time to make adjustments to your priorities. The people you love will thank you!

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