Interesting Times presents "Second Birthday"!


Yes, it’s true!
Two years since the first comic went up.
We’ve had some good fun, haven’t we?

Many thanks to all who have taken
the time to read,
and enjoy, and comment
(both positive and negative!)

Special thanks to Tom
at Southland Cinemas,
because I promised him a credit in the video
and completely forgot afterward.

Here’s to another year!
Let’s go!

7 thoughts on “Interesting Times presents "Second Birthday"!

  1. Happy second birthday! haha such a funny video awesome job. Haha love the printer, we had one like that once.

  2. 1. Could you have taken longer to fill that glass of water?
    2. Nice ‘Hi-5’*GAFAW*
    3. You were right I LOL’D at least one time.

  3. best part was when you were trying on very ordinary hats and then you try on a toque and you mouth “oh that is so wack”

  4. Is it my imagination or did he get brainfreeze there? Man, this video is just so packed with comment-worthiness!

    Like, putting on those cool safety glasses and smashing that chipboard with a sledge hammer? Epic!

    And LOOK at all those CATEGORY TAGS!!

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