Adventures in the Third Dimension!

Hello! Today is comic number one thousand! Pull up a chair, I want to talk to you for a bit.

What I really wanted to do was to have some merchandise ready to sell today. The guy you see in the comic is a prototype of the finished version, but until I find a suitable base on which to stand him he is not ready to inhabit your homes and places of work.

I’ve tried different things and racked my brain and in the end ran out of time, so I did the next best thing (hopefully?) and put this together. Don’t fret, I am not done with this idea.

Anyway I just wanted to thank everyone who has been so nice about my work over the years. Please continue to enjoy the site and by all means spread the word to your friends and family! Shout the URL at total strangers!

P.S.: I haven’t completely forgotten about the Interesting Times TV show “special edition” thing I promised either. Just mostly forgotten STILL COMING SOON

The element of surprise.

This comic is about the very first time I asked out the woman who is now my wife. I actually did it over Facebook. I tried feebly to disguise the situation just in case she somehow saw it, but it didn’t work; Unknown to me she was a regular reader and after receiving my message that morning guessed the truth on her own. It would be a few dates before she revealed (sheepishly, nervously) that she’d been through my entire site before we ever started going out. [October 7th, 2013]