5 thoughts on “many scientists have restraining orders against me

  1. Consider a word to be 4 bytes as it would be in a 32-bit arcitecture. Now consider a picture (800×600) with average jpeg compression to be approximatly 45 kb. That picture is requires 11520 words. Even with maximum jpeg compression, the image averages around 1892 words. So, a decent picture is worth around 10000 words. A shoddy one could go for around 2000. I’m not sure where they get this 1000 words from. They must be using some sort of crazy architecture with unheard of word sizes. Then you’d have to ask yourself: Would it even be practical at the present time to have larger than a 64-bit flat addressing space?

  2. The phrase actually refers to how much should/could be said in regards to the picture. So, for example, your comic strip here is worth saying 1000 words about.

    By looking at it this way, we can clearly see that people should’ve stopped talking about the Mona Lisa hundreds of years ago.

  3. From the scientist I am angrily shouting questions at in the third panel. I had sort of hoped to imply that I confront scientists all the time.

    (Also, nice research, c-rad. A+!)

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