Hi. My name’s Nathan Fehr. I’m 32 and I reside in Winkler MB, with my lovely wife and our squabbling cat and dog. Some time ago I decided it’d be fun to write three-panel stickman comics based loosely on my life, and on June the 6th of 2006 I posted the very first official Interesting Times comic to the internet. It’s been a long and entertaining journey since then, both in terms of my life and the site, and I think that at the very least I did a pretty okay job of writing down the good stuff.

Here’s an Influence Map if you’d like to know about works that have inspired me over the years.

There’s also a detailed, not particularly interesting History of the Site. Or you can read about things that scare me.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. You need to add an RSS feed to your side bar so I can subscribe to your blog! (The option can be found in your dashboard). It’ll help get you more visitors coming in to read your blog too.


  2. I just wanted to say I love your site… er comics I guess. Simple yet not without meaning. Great job and continue the creative outlet! ^.-

  3. heh… awesome.

    It’s like you’ve infused the genius of xkcd with the diabolical innocence of Calvin and Hobbes.

    Actually, that’s the greatest compliment I’ve given anyone in years.


  4. Fantastic!! i have just discovered your little corner of the web and can honestly say that i have just spent some 5 hours, reading your comics! i agree with Roy’s comment about Calvin and Hobbes….. its that kind of ‘i sometimes visit that world’ thing about it that i love! Keep drawing man, they’re brilliant!!!

    p.s i live in the UK……. i wish i didnt!

  5. Your comics have a remarkably fresh sense of humor that never seems to get stale or old. I’m normally not one to subscribe to live feeds of web comics, but not subscribing would be a total insult to your genius.

    Keep up the amazing work.

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