Please Use Coupon Responsibly.

I’ve been married for nearly a year now and I still can’t think of a scenario where having this coupon available is a bad idea. I’m actually going to forward the link to my wife right now just to make sure she has it handy.

I mean, it’s built right into the comic that it’s to be used in a situation where I’m being ridiculous and stubborn. Why shouldn’t I be called out on it?

Also that’s a nice Kirby mug, Nathan! Thanks! [April 8th, 2013]



not original but I do not care

I am posting this here and in a new category because I have to imagine that, unless I have somehow stopped writing (unlikely) my future wife will at LEAST be aware of this comic, if not a reader. Love me - love my comic, babe.

None of those things happened at the wedding. BUT I did manage to sneak lots of  video game music into the reception. My aim was to pick music that didn’t sound out-of-place or call attention to itself, but if other nerds were actually paying attention I wanted them to feel rewarded for being in on the joke. And By George I do believe I succeeded at what I set out to do. [Sept. 4 2012]