Interesting Times presents "Second Birthday"!


Yes, it’s true!
Two years since the first comic went up.
We’ve had some good fun, haven’t we?

Many thanks to all who have taken
the time to read,
and enjoy, and comment
(both positive and negative!)

Special thanks to Tom
at Southland Cinemas,
because I promised him a credit in the video
and completely forgot afterward.

Here’s to another year!
Let’s go!

me and Lucas are tight, I call him G-Luc

Actually, I never did end up buying the DVDs I was talking about. The problem was that I had finally caved in and bought that silver DVD boxset after holding out forever, thinking that if this was the only way I was going to have proper Star Wars DVDs then I would make my peace with it. Weeks later, the DVDs come out AGAIN with 2nd discs containing the original theatrical versions (which was what I wanted all along – I don’t foam at the mouth with hatred about the CGI-enhanced updates, but I have no love for them either).

As of this writing there is a Blu-Ray release on the horizon, but I don’t care. I don’t. As special as these movies are to me I am done paying for them like a sucker. If somebody gives me the set I won’t throw it away, but I feel like I’ve sort of moved on. [May 22, 2011]