Brand New Thing!

Want to write up your own “Interesting Times”? Sure, who doesn’t! Or maybe, you’re someone with all kinds of artistic talent who just wants to show me how it’s really done? Let’s rock, buddy!

As of May 21st, 2009: currently accepting submissions for random rainy days. No time in particular at this point!

  • BONUS CHALLENGE! Construct your own Friday Mailbag comic in which you answer MY question: “Suddenly, your house is on fire. Name two things you grab on your way out! -NF”
  • Publishable answers (see step 3) will be gathered and posted en masse!


STEP 1: Get a template. Your options are:
A.) The regular sized one.
B.) The Really Big One. I personally use this one because it’s easier to work large. BUT: you must resize it to 475 x 580 when you’re done scribbling on it. Or, I guess I could. But it’s better that you do it, so you can see if anything gets lost in the resize.

STEP 2: Write your comic. Use whatever method or program you want. Print it off and scan the thing back in, I don’t mind. I’d encourage you to maintain my comic’s general layout (art on the left, narration on the right, no dialogue on the art side, &c) but if you’re inspired I’m not gonna tell you how to realize your vision. Stick people are not required. Have fun with it. I do!

STEP 3: Send the completed masterpiece back into journalcomic at gmail dot com and prepare to have your dazzling creativity displayed on the site! Unless I veto it, which I will do if it’s awful or offensive. It shouldn’t really be too hard to figure out what passes as appropriate around here.

STEP 4: ???

STEP 5: Profit!

Unless noted otherwise (and, it is! see above!) I’ll probably store submissions up as like a ‘rainy day backlog’, posting them if I can’t seem to come up with anything good or even anything at all. That’s the plan, anyway.

UPDATED: If you jumped all over this and got templates earlier today, DELETE THEM and get it again. Sorry, but I had to fix them and now they’re fixed!

UPDATE 2: If you have post titles and captions for your comics, by all means supply them! Also, if you have a website I am happy to plug it alongside your comic, though obviously I would like a plug in return…

8 thoughts on “Brand New Thing!

  1. (art on the right, narration on the left, no dialogue on the art side, &c)

    Me thinks you have your directions reversed, good sir.

  2. Also, I don’t know if this will be the same for everyone, but when I try to open the template in photoshop it says something about the pixel aspect ratio, and the thing is cropped to a thin vertical strip.

  3. Regarding reversed directions: Why, I’m afraid I’ve no idea what you’re talking about. They look right to me!

    Pixel aspect ratio stuff: THAT is unfortunately something that I am dimly aware of and that I cannot convince my art program to think otherwise about. Let me look into that. It defaults to 72 x 1 ppi for resolutions and I have no freaking idea where it got the go ahead for that.

    UPDATE: Fixed! I made a brand new template! Go ahead and download them now, and download them again if you already got one please.

  4. I solved the problem by going into Image > Pixel Aspect Ratio > Square.
    It was set to “Custom Pixel Aspect Ratio” by default.

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