6 thoughts on “sleep with one eye open

  1. haha…welcome to a wonder only known to Manitoba…believe me I used to live in Ontario…no ticks there!! So disgusting!

  2. I have to worry about ticks when I walk into my backyard to throw branches back there. Not pleasant.

  3. Aww come on you guys, go easy on the little fella’s, they just want to magicly appear on your person, latch onto your skin, and suck your blood till they bloon up the size of a grape, whats the harm in that?

    (Try eating red grapes NOW!, hmm hmm)

  4. I once found one grabbing my branch. No clue what that one was trying to do, but it didn’t want to let go, that’s for sure.

  5. I like how nobody noticed I wrote the original release date of Star Wars on this comic, apparently totally by accident. I didn’t even notice it until today.

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