make of these what you will

Obviously in the three years since this comic I have become a much more well-adjusted adult, with his own house and keys and a wife. Also I have been down to just four comics a week for quite some time.

I think the legs were from a GI Joe figure originally, but I couldn’t say for certain.

Finally, I just realized that there’s probably a surprising number of comics to which the title of this one would apply. [June 15, 2012]

2 thoughts on “make of these what you will

  1. WOW, I did not know these things about you…I think we can’t be friends anymore.

    Kidding, I giggled during the big gun fight at the end of Enemy of the State. People stared at me, apparently they did’nt think it was funny.

  2. Yeah? Well I hollered and hooted during both Schindler’s List and all five hours of Titanic!!

    Also, I draw Metal Gear characters doing stupid things for giggles, lol.

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