5 thoughts on “come on Yoda don’t be that way

  1. That’s an interesting looking Borg ship, I always imagined it looking slightly different. I think the space ship from Stargate (The Film) was shaped like that. Nathan are you getting your Sci-fi mixed up?

  2. How can you say you’re not a Trekkie, even in jest? Do you realize how much Star Trek viewing is involved in watching every episode? And how do you know you’ve done it anyway? Do you have a checklist? Hmmm…

    Anyway, let’s look at the numbers.

    ST:TOS = 78
    ST:TNG = 178
    ST:DS9 = 176
    ST:VOY = 172
    ST:ENT = 98
    Total = 703 episodes of Star Trek

    That’s roughly 703 hours of Star Trek if we include the commercials. Or 585 if we don’t.

    If we include the movies, of which there are 11, that’s an additional 22 hours of Star Trek for a total of 607 hours of Star Trek viewing.

    Breaking it down, that’s no less than 25 days of your life!

    Now, let’s compare that to Star Wars.

    Star Wars has 6 movies, each about 2 hours long. That’s 12 hours of viewing. You’d have to watch each movie 50 times in order to match the amount of Star Trek you’ve watched.

    Even if we add the 6.5 hours of spin-off TV movies (Holiday Special anyone?) The 6.5 hours of the Droids spinoff cartoon, the 13 hours of the Ewoks spin-off Cartoon, the 2 hours of the first Clone Wars Cartoon Series and the 24 hours of the second one…

    You still have only watched 64 hours of Star Wars.

    You’d have to watch Every Star Wars movie and TV show over 9 times each to beat the amount of Star Trek you’ve watched.

    Therefore, I declare that anyone who has spent more than 25 days of their life watching Star Trek is a Trekkie. Furthermore, I declare that you are a bigger Trekkie than Star Wars fan to boot!

    The numbers don’t lie!

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