3 thoughts on “hey you, time to learn a thing

  1. My phone didn’t ring.
    You did not call me.
    I did not get to have a pleasant, exorbitantly expensive international phone conversation with you.
    You have failed.

  2. Statistically, you may have really freaked someone out. Wasn’t me, sadly.

    I got into the Lost ARG, so I’ve done my wikapedi-ing. It was SO. AWESOME. I’d never experienced anything like it before, I got so completely and totally involved! Then they left it on a cliffhanger and never picked the story up again. FIENDS! I don’t even know if Rachel Blake’s alive!

  3. What, they never resolved that? I liked following it on Lostpedia as it went on. I also wondered if they were going to work any of the information about Valenzetti and that into the show, and it looks like they…aren’t.

    Also, HooblyGoob – now you made me feel bad. Way to GO.

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