I did not trick her, she donated voluntarily


Sometimes I experiment with things like “shading” and “reflections” and “nicer artwork” but often it comes out looking like poor Heidi’s hair in panel one. Sorry, site patron! Sorry it looks like your head was dipped in oil or something. [April 8th, 2013]

8 thoughts on “I did not trick her, she donated voluntarily

  1. I WOULD donate money, since I have a lot of it and I like to just throw it around casually, but I know that it would create this awkward sense of obligation between us.

    Yep, that’s why.

    1. Uh yeah, about that banner, I don’t think I actually promised that as such and in the end I went with the comic instead. Please do not be upset, New Best Friend!

  2. :-0 LIES! This can only end in fisticuffs! But the stick person version of me is so cool…I suppose I’ll let it go. NBBD NBF!

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