7 thoughts on “You…LIKE it?

  1. i dont need to be drawn in your comic, but I WOULD like it if you posted the other guest comics I made for you. Hint hint hint hint hint. But if not that’s fine too, I mean. Hey, I’m just saying, if you’re offering to do something here…

  2. I wish I knew you in real life. Then, I could do a Crazy Thing, and you would draw it in your Comic, then I would be Famous on the Internet.
    Then: Ladies ahoy!

    1. I really want to steal the line “Then: Ladies Ahoy!” from you, somehow. That is so excellent. And yes, the rest of the transaction you describe is exactly what would happen.

  3. I would be honored if you stole the line “then: ladies Ahoy!” from me.
    You’d just have to credit me.
    well, you know what comes next.
    (Adam Anderson)

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