I haven’t done one of these in a while!


I hate drawing vehicles and yet sometimes I find I need to do it. If you see a car in my comics it is probably A.) drawn from the top down, which is relatively simple, B.) drawn from very close up to the windshield, so I don’t have to draw the rest of it, or C.) Childlike as in panel 2 here. [October 2, 2013]

7 thoughts on “I haven’t done one of these in a while!

  1. Black licorice, good. Headphones in car, bad. And here’s the real kicker: Vampire stories should be completely banned…I guess I’ll be looking for a new kingdom.

  2. Okay you guys what is so bad about headphones in the car? As I have said before, I will grant you the potential entanglement issue and / or cords impeding movement but otherwise I don’t see the difference between good heaphones and a good car stereo, which is totally acceptable.

  3. Headphones make you unable to hear traffic, or your own car noises adequately. It’s worse than just your car stereo because besides blasting the music directly into your ears, they dampen any outside noise from getting in as well.

    Hearing lets you know there’s a firetruck or ambulance or police car that needs to get around you, because many people when they drive, tend to not check their mirrors as regularly as deaf people are taught to.

  4. Hm. Okay. Point taken. I guess I was more thinking in terms of the open road, but even there it could be an issue.

    Well, nobody said my kingdom would be perfect!

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