I’m getting married today!

And I’m passing the savings on to you. Click through for comics and words galore!

Two things: First, let me share the two comics I wrote specifically for the wedding. The first one went out on our invitations, the second was on the programs to be distributed at the ceremony itself.

Second: I am of course on my honeymoon next week but that doesn’t mean, dear reader, that you’ll be left out in the cold (metaphorically speaking). I have set up four Travel Stories to post automatically from Monday to Thursday night at 23:00 CST. Please note that there will be no Facebook or Twitter notifications during that week so Twitter and Facebook followers need to check the site on their own.

Cool? Cool. Enjoy the week!

3 thoughts on “I’m getting married today!

  1. whew! I thought Matthew and I would have to go a week without interesting times…which , as you know, would be deemed as compleeeeetely unacceptable. this however, is a good resolution to this conundrum…
    Oh…yeah…by the way…congratulations!! 🙂

  2. I too am an InterestingTimesAholic. I look every day for a new post. Even Saturday and Sunday when I know you aren’t going to post anything, because there is the ever present hope that just maybe you will.

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