Application to Dream: Rejected


So, yeah! Sixth birthday! I know I say this every year, but who would have thought I’d still be doing this comic for this long? And yes, I really did not come up with any good birthday surprises this year. I might crack a fun site-related thing out this summer, and in the meantime, how’s this for a Birthday Present: I’ll keep making comics, and you keep chuckling and commenting on them and telling your friends and family and even random strangers about this site! Deal?


Once again I’d like to personally thank all the people who’ve said nice things and passed the site around, and who continue to read and (sometimes, hopefully) chuckle at my drawings. Here’s to another year!

5 thoughts on “Application to Dream: Rejected

  1. Happy Birthday!
    Relatively speaking I’m a new reader of this online comic journal…but I’ve enjoyed it immensely… thank you for adding to my already astonishing online addictions. You’ll hear from my lawyer…and if THAT doesn’t scare you, I’ll send my wife after you.
    Have a nice day 🙂

  2. I started reading this site a couple years ago (and of course went all the way back through the archive)- I love your comics and always get a good laugh! These days I kinda see my own life through an “interesting times” lens…everything I do is broken down into three panels and hearty chuckles! 6 more years!

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