Con Report!

NOTE: Instead of a regular comic, today’s post is a report on my weekend activities. There’s some short comics and sketches at the end!

As you know, Interesting Times spent a couple of days at the Central Canadian Comic Con in Winnipeg! There were so many people and it truly was an excellent time. I got to say hello to many fun folks,  got some lovely compliments on my work (only one of which I fished for) and somehow we even sold a couple of books to people we’d never even met. I was legitimately sad to leave it and I would definitely go back!

A couple of shout-outs:

  • Chinook Crafts sold me a beautiful, shiny ReBoot PID (that mysteriously isn’t on their Etsy store?). I asked if their Zelda-related items floated if held above one’s head, and he told me that if it didn’t I was “doing it wrong” and clearly not the hero. Fair point!
  • Chasing Artwork showed off what were, to me, the coolest drawings in the entire place. I didn’t buy anything, just stared and vacillated between awe and crippling jealousy.
  • I only got to know one of my artist table neighbours, Rod Salm of Death At Your Door. He was very cool and helpful to us Con Rookies, and his kids were cute and hilarious and relentless salespeople. Obviously doing something right!
  • Thanks to a Winnipeg redditor there’s a great photostream of various cosplayers going around that weekend. PLEASE NOTE that it is a bit Not Safe For Work in places, so viewer discretion is advised.

Some Photos and Sketches!

Our modest but friendly table at the beginning of Friday.
So many memories from both of these guys!
These guys…were Doin’ It Right.

Comic 01 Comic 02 Comic 03 Comic 04 Comic 05 Comic 06 Comic 07

Some video game characters (Click for larger)

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