Don’t Look Back

1500This is a message for those of you who donated to the IndieGoGo campaign: Please ensure that you have sent your banner choices in to my editor, as per the email that went out some time ago! Otherwise we are just going to guess at which ones you want and then potentially nobody will be happy??

(On that note, expect a big update in a little while!)


you know, John Connor’s friend

Oh, and I watched a sweet rap remix of that SlapChop commercial. DIdn't see that coming.

The pictures I was taking were, in fact, for a safety handout I was making for our employees. The handout illustrated various hand signals our employees were supposed to learn. The slice of bread was for my sister-in-law Helen, who wanted to try the bread I was baking in the breadmaker. And the mystery in the last panel is still unsolved. [June 18, 2012]