I Knew It

One more confirmation that certain movies are secretly documentaries. See also: Back to the Future parts II and III

[Begin Commentary] Since allowing word balloons in the comic you can see them go through a few stages; first, totally rounded like regular comics. But it turned out those were hard to draw well, and took up a lot of space (at least the way I was doing them). So in this comic I started trying rectangles, but after some time of this I really felt like they don’t fit the rounded, bendy aesthetic of the rest of my style.

By now I’ve more or less settled on “flat tops/bottoms & rounded sides” as my go-to style; they’re easy to draw and work around, but not so severe as totally rectangular ones. [July 23rd, 2015]


One thing I am honestly thinking of doing is to do at least a small part of my duties in both of our official languages

Update, Jan.14th — It’s been brought to my attention that this comic, especially panel 2, reads as aggressive and mean. That wasn’t on purpose! I’m honored to be a part of my friends’ special day, and have no intention of doing any of the things I’ve drawn in the comic. I really don’t have extreme views (beyond what you may think about Christianity) and nothing whatsoever against Americans or their country. Please read on for further commentary. Continue reading “International”