not IF, but WHEN

A commenter “Andrew”, who is also a friend of mine, noted that everyone else who left comments on this comic seemed to be a fan of the game “Rock n’ Roll Racing”. RnRR, as I’ve just decided to start calling it, is a racing game for a few different consoles in which various freaks and aliens race around ugly, square-cornered tracks for reasons I do not care to learn. The only redeeming feature of this game is a selection of MIDI versions of popular rock songs, such as Ozzy Osbourne’s “Paranoid” and “Highway Star” by Deep Purple.

Anyway, Andrew pointed out that I was alienating my fanbase by positioning myself so firmly against this game. I didn’t respond at the time but if I did I would have said “Good. I don’t want them as readers anyway.”

An example. Earlier this year I accepted a dare to overcome one of my greatest fears. I succeeded and prevailed because if I failed the dare it was agreed that I would have to play forty hours of Rock n’ Roll Racing. Do you see? I am willing to change my own life (for the better, as it happens) in order to NEVER HAVE TO PLAY THAT GAME AGAIN. [May 22, 2011]