Well, I Tried

And so, Nathan was the Weird Neighbour after all. The end.

OH before I forget! Announcement! I am planning to take a serious stab at National Novel Writing Month in November, which means I am planning to take a hiatus from the comic during that time. I need the comic writing time to be Novel Writing Time! And I will be honest, anything that results of this month of writing will probably be terrible so it is unlikely that I will share it.

If the comics resume before the month is through, you may assume that I have failed at novels 🙁

That is all.


 Only $170 to go!
We asked for $3000 and there’s only $170 to go!
I love it!!

[Begin Commentary] Regarding the alt-text: while idly browsing a family tree book at my grandmother’s house a few years ago I came across a story from a Mennonite village in 1800s Russia. Supposedly, several people saw three tall men dressed in white that moved through the village. I don’t remember if they were supposed to have been shadowless, but they upset the dogs terribly and (so the story goes) did not bend the tall grass as they passed through it. They left as mysteriously as they came, but the next day one of the village men was found dead, face down, in the nearby creek.

The story ended there, and declined to comment on the nature of the tall men, but it always stuck with me. [October 1st, 2014]

Ubiquitously Hip


Life is a funny thing; there is now a Tragically Hip song that I actually like (“Fireworks”). Just one for now, but who knows where life will take me next? [July 10, 2014]

P.S. In writing the above commentary I trolled myself; I was going to refer to the TH song in the alt-text, but then I stopped and thought “Wait a minute, that’s an REM song! Wh– oohh.