Guest Comic

Today’s comic was submitted like a million years ago by Jake (sorry, guy!)
who says he has lots of other reasons to hate Manitoba Winters.

Don’t we all, Jake. Don’t we all.

Guest Comic!

'True story. The reason he needed a external sound card was that he opened up his laptop 'for fun' and when he put it back together the intergrated one wouldn't work. Also, the keyboard now has a buldge and the power cord is held in with blu-tac. Poor Laptop'

Send your thank-yous and kind thoughts to El Sparko, who kindly provided this guest comic. It is a continuation of this one from some time ago!

The reason for the guest comic tonight is that I am on vacation next week, and as far as I am aware I will have no internet access. So: I drew a week’s worth of comics in one everning, because I love my readers and would hate for them to have to look for something else to make them chortle.

Long story short: five comics in a row makes the sixth one really, really hard. And so, the above.

Guest Comic

Today’s guest comic appears courtesy of “Conrad”
who is too modest to sign his great work of art
so I am telling you myself.
Fun Fact: He worked on the special effects for the movie “Superman Returns”
and won like 16 Oscars for that
and got so rich that I suppose he bought an elephant.

Guest Comic

Today’s guest comic comes to us from Anna,
who actually sent it in back when I had my wisdoms pulled
and even called me “sunshine”
and, uh, posted it now, I guess.

Anyway sorry for taking so long.

Super Surprise Double Comixplosion!

There will not be a Friday Mailbag by me tomorrow, and if you read this comic you will learn why. (Hint: I will be a Cranky McGroggypants)

SO WHAT ABOUT THE MAILBAG? Please enjoy this Guest Submission!

Thanks to El Sparko for his entry and delicious idea. (Look at that guy in panel two: he looks so sad about the wasted express card slot). Once again I have changed my “Bonus Challenge” question on the Guest Comic page and I look forward to more submissions.

I’m sure I’ll be back on my feet by next week. And as always, you can send your Friday Mailbag questions (and other comic-related business?) to journalcomic at gmail dot com

Interesting Times Friday Guest Mailbag

Ha ha, the vase thing is so mysterious!
I want to know why,
but I don’t at the same time.

Anyway, this comic brought to you
by the page about GUEST COMICS which you will find
on the sidebar

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for Friday Mailbag Guest Comics! Go check it out

And as always,
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