Guest Comic!

'True story. The reason he needed a external sound card was that he opened up his laptop 'for fun' and when he put it back together the intergrated one wouldn't work. Also, the keyboard now has a buldge and the power cord is held in with blu-tac. Poor Laptop'

Send your thank-yous and kind thoughts to El Sparko, who kindly provided this guest comic. It is a continuation of this one from some time ago!

The reason for the guest comic tonight is that I am on vacation next week, and as far as I am aware I will have no internet access. So: I drew a week’s worth of comics in one everning, because I love my readers and would hate for them to have to look for something else to make them chortle.

Long story short: five comics in a row makes the sixth one really, really hard. And so, the above.

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