Guest Comic: "I could have studied more, but…"

Today’s guest comic appears thanks to Lendorien.
(I really, really want to see more fiction based on Percival the Bear.
His name alone is inspiring!)

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Since Halloween and Friday Mailbag are the same day,
Somebody should drum up a good Halloween-themed question.
Make ’em spooky, and send them to
journalcomic at gmail dot com

"Look Mom, LOOK! I made something on the internet!"

Today’s guest comic appears courtesy the enigmatic “EK R”.
He also included what he termed “major Google fodder” with his e-mail,
which I have decided to share with you all.

There is a guest comic today because I am more than a hundred kilometres away
from my tablet. But fear not! Tomorrow through the end of the week
should see me back at the wheel.

BEGIN COMMENTARY: I honestly never knew who EK R really was, and his work is almost as baffling now as it was then. That…that’s all. [March 24, 2012]

"Apathy is the only real way to beat the system."

(thanks to TW for today’s comic!)

Hey so uh, guess what. My computer and internet connection are in transition,
and I am apparently unable to supply new comics from my tiny laptop.
So it’s a rather unexpected Guest Comics or Nothing At All Week, Volume 2!
I don’t have very many guest comics at all! Like, maybe four more! And, aside from a day or two when I’ll be able to fill in, this outage will likely continue until the end of next week.
SO: If you want to see your work up on the site, your chances are pretty good if you throw something in right now. Check out the directions and get started!
Also, make note of the special Bonus Guest Comic Challenge that I have created!