There isn’t a comic tonight because I tried (unsuccessfully (again)) to write about my love for the Cyberpunk genre. On a related note, I need to start a Word document and get this all out of my head because as I briefly mentioned in the alt-text for this comic I have lately been finding myself in this unproductive, brooding, nostalgic-yet-sad thought loop when I sit down to write. Not a great headspace to be in for funny stick people!

Anyway we’ll try again tomorrow!

Book Launch!

Interesting Times Year One & Two — BOOK LAUNCH!

October the 24th

Upstairs @ Jonny’s Java in Winkler,

7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Local IndieGoGo backers can come come by and pick up their books, their extras, and an autograph from yours truly!

Have some coffee and free cake while you are there!

Didn’t pre-order? Come by anyway! Extra books are available at $25 apiece, and you can get them signed too!


(Out-of-towners — we will be shipping your books out shortly!)

No comic tonight; our adorable dog has been pretty sick today and dealing with that has taken the wind out of our collective sails. (He’s got another vet visit scheduled tomorrow morning, and I am confident he will be fine soon; please do not be alarmed!) While you’re here, why not check out the Commentary archive? I’m still adding new ones here and there, and I’m actually caught up to 2011 now. Otherwise, see you tomorrow!


photoI just wrote an update to all the IndieGoGo backers and I thought I should spread the news further! My comics are now in an actual, physical book that arrived at my house yesterday. We’re planning a launch party near the end of the month; in the mean time I’ll be slaving away to complete the extras we promised people. We’re definitely going to find ways to sell the copies that haven’t been reserved for backers, so if you didn’t contribute to the campaign please keep an eye out for further details on where to get yours!


Guess What

My comic-writin’ computer is down tonight, so no comic. But the good news is that I’m working on finalizing the book to be sent off to the printer’s later this week! Time well spent, I’d say!

I hope very much to have the technical issues sorted out soon.

Monday Night News

Okay. Things got a little late today so I’ll try and do two comics tomorrow. But that’s not what this post is about!

This post is about the campaign! And I thought I should say a bit about where we go next.

First of all, thanks again for helping meet the goal. There is still a week left and donations will still be readily accepted, so you (or people you know) are not too late to get one of the Perks. Check it out!

Shortly after the actual campaign completion we will be in touch with each of you backers in order to deliver the promised animated .gif, confirm your particulars, and collect things like banner choices, reference photos for avatar drawings, or schedule deets for the lunch appointments. Keep an eye on your inboxes!

Also, we’ll get to work ordering the stickers and pins (oh, and books!) once we’ve got our final numbers in. If you’re geographically close to me you may even get personal delivery? Exciting??

I’ve heard that projects like this catch a lot of flack for just not keeping backers in the loop, so I personally want to try not to forget to send updates. Feel free to shoot me an email if you have further questions or to remind me to talk about how things are going.

Um…that’s all for now!