This might all just be me.

First panel happens to me all the time. Second panel not so much. Third panel? Well, first I’ll reveal that this comic was secretly inspired by the first time I actually asked someone out on a date. She’ll remain nameless, but she did say yes, so we went for dinner. We watched some of the other staff sing happy birthday and she told me, speaking as a former server herself, that repeatedly forcing a smile while singing Happy Birthday on a busy shift was the Actual Worst.

Epilogue: that was our only date.

Epilogue II: But! In a roundabout way, that date led to me dating the lady who is now my wife. It’s a bit of a story. Ask me in person sometime 🙂 [January 19th, 2017]

4 thoughts on “This might all just be me.

  1. That girl, holding the cake, looking like she wants to kill someone if she has to sing the stupid “happy birthday song” ONE more time-yeah..thats been me before. 🙂

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