One thing I am honestly thinking of doing is to do at least a small part of my duties in both of our official languages

Update, Jan.14th — It’s been brought to my attention that this comic, especially panel 2, reads as aggressive and mean. That wasn’t on purpose! I’m honored to be a part of my friends’ special day, and have no intention of doing any of the things I’ve drawn in the comic. I really don’t have extreme views (beyond what you may think about Christianity) and nothing whatsoever against Americans or their country. Please read on for further commentary. Continue reading “International”


 Only $170 to go!
We asked for $3000 and there’s only $170 to go!
I love it!!

[Begin Commentary] Regarding the alt-text: while idly browsing a family tree book at my grandmother’s house a few years ago I came across a story from a Mennonite village in 1800s Russia. Supposedly, several people saw three tall men dressed in white that moved through the village. I don’t remember if they were supposed to have been shadowless, but they upset the dogs terribly and (so the story goes) did not bend the tall grass as they passed through it. They left as mysteriously as they came, but the next day one of the village men was found dead, face down, in the nearby creek.

The story ended there, and declined to comment on the nature of the tall men, but it always stuck with me. [October 1st, 2014]

Forward Thinking

I’m really proud of panel 3. I’ve probably noted elsewhere that I stay away from unusual perspectives and angles, partly because I feel like I lack the skill and partly because…well even if I did have the skill, it’s hard to even visualize? It’s hard to think about what I’m even going to try to do. How do you show foreshortening on simple black lines? Do you thicken them and try to taper them back to their source? But that always looks odd.

Anyway that’s why I’m so happy that panel 3 works. I don’t remember how long I must have futzed with it, but it works. [August 12th, 2014]


[August 12th, 2014] Panel 2 is an homage to The Simpsons S6E05, “Sideshow Bob Roberts”. (I’m not a big enough nerd to know that offhand; I had to look it up). Transcription from the SNPP:

Barlow: Monty, I'm way ahead of you.  If you'll just open that door
         you'll see the next mayor of Springfield.
          [door opens to reveal a water cooler; everyone applauds]
          [the cooler bubbles]
Senator: What'd it say?

It’s Magnificent

In the first panel of this comic I tried to draw a jacket that looked dated, more specifically something from the early 1990s. But thanks to the roughly 20-year cycle of things, the 90s are back in right now. (witness: loud bright colours, zebra/leopard prints, people reminiscing about Rugrats and Hey Arnold for some reason). So I have to wait a few more years for the jacket to look dated like I intended. Thanks a lot, trends. [August 11th, 2014]